Welcome to our online shop, here you can shop online for our in-store goods of Galantino oils, Loison Panettone and many other Italian goodies.

Sourced by Tom, the Panettones are from an artisan baker and pastry chef Dario Loison, they are based in Motta, on the outskirts of Venice. 

The ingredients are selected with care through diligent research. Loison opts for controlled designation of origin labels, preferably Italian, especially in the case of fresh components. That is why they choose eggs from safe farms, milk and butter produced in the mountains, top-grade flour and natural Italian sugar. Loison wants to ensure that they are crafting a truly exclusive Italian product.

Sourced by Tom, the Olive oil is imported from Frantoio Galantino, which is from Bisceglie, a town situated in the southern area of Puglia .

The olives harvest is hand-picked at the right stage of maturity from October 15 to December 31. Product quality is proof of the attention that is dedicated to olive trees.

The olives are washed and crushed with millstones, pressing and cold centrifugation, which promotes and enhance the taste and fragrance of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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