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Tom set up business in Winchester just over 30 years ago. The locals of Winchester will know that he first started off as a Newsagents in 1987.

With people’s shopping habits changing, Tom adapted and brought his heritage of Italy to Winchester; thus it became Tom’s Deli.

He now serves authentic Italian dishes from his region of Apuglia for lunch and dinner. For a quick bite we also have freshly made Ciabattas made with fresh ingredients on site everyday and the best coffee in Winchester.

If you need any thing from the Deli counter we also have a selection of cured meats to cheeses to antipasti.

Come and join our little Italy.


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that has hit the world, we are only operating as a takeaway and pick up service for now. Our new online ordering service for Pick up is now available.
Our food is also available for delivery via UberEats! 

Christmas Goodies instore and available on our online store to click and collect!

We have the Loison Panettone’s which we get every year from the Bakery Loison which is located just outside of Venice. Also, our very own Tote Bags are available for you to make gift bags instore!